Miracles happen large and small…

thermometerSorry everyone for not taking the time to blog as often as I should. We’ve been remodeling our kitchen after 25 yrs. of living in our home and well, feeling as though we’ve been camping for a couple months. Why does a discombobulated home rattle my brain? Nonetheless, I’m back and ready to chat. (Hey, that rhymes.) I’m loving that I get to begin by sharing a miracle with you…

Yes! I’m finally 100% again after a big physical battle with a bladder infection that really wanted to be a kidney infection. Allow me to share with you my miracle last Friday…. I had 102.4 temp and the doctor said to get to the ER. I didn’t want to go! I had been hospitalized for 4 days last fall with a kidney infection and was not looking forward to a repeat. I was praying in the car that I wouldn’t have to spend the night. One hour after taking my temp which gave me the 102.4, they took my temperature at the ER and it read 97.6. How in the world did it go down SO FAR in such a short time? Was our thermometer at home wrong? Couldn’t have been because we were using the old-fashioned Mercury style thermometer, not digital which can sometimes give a false reading. My sister who had driven me said, “Let’s blow this joint! You don’t need another ER bill.” Came home, checked my temp with our thermometer – 97.6°. Still don’t know how it could’ve decreased so fast except that God knew the desire of my hear and the estate of our finances.

He knows yours also.

Father, I continue to delight in You – Your creation, Your kindness, and your mighty works that show up when we least expect.

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  1. Renee, good morning, don’t know if you remember me, Bill White, Carl White’s Dad. I was just reading through some of your Blogs and when I read this I had to tell you a recent story. Five years ago I came down with Bladder Cancer and had 12 tumors on my bladder wall. They were all early stage and treated them successfully. Now the re-checks begin, once a month, once every 6 months, once a year as time progressed. For five years I had no sign, then two months ago on a yearly check they found two new tumors. I was floored! I said doc, I want them out now! His reply increased my anxiousness….”No, we’ll wait a month to see if more tumors appear”. I anxiously waited but kept busy with my choir, the Knights and praying. I said a 30 day Novena to our Mother of Perpetual Help and had many people praying for me. The day came to check it and he had a few days prior to that did some quick tests to send to the lab so waiting for those to come back increased my anxiousness. We went into his office to discuss my course of treatment, he looked at the lab reports and said “Humpf”! No humpfs, no uh oh’s no Dang’s doc, what’s up? He said “I don’t know”, lets take a look. We went into the exam room where I stripped and got up on the table. He numbed me up and took the Cystoscope and inserted it in my bladder. After about 15 min of anxious waiting it was again with the “Humpf”! What for God’s sake? Your tumors are gone!!! What? Yes, no sign of them on your lab reports or on the bladder wall, it’s as clean as a whistle! He asked what I had been doing and I told him of the power of prayer. He will now see me again in about three months to check again but No need, Our Lady took care of it, but I’ll check to do my part. I immediately went to our church at St. Nicholas and thanked our Lady and her son. I thank them to this day and tell all I can of this event. That’s it, just thought I’d say Hi, wish you well and tell you of Our Mother’s deeds. Ginny and Carl say Hi. Love, Bill

    • FANTASTIC! And there, my friend, is a big miracle! And of course I remember an amazingly talented student AND his mom and dad. Much love to you all! Praising God for your GREAT news!

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