Early Morning Christmas Star!

star in the skyAbout 2:45 this morning, my kind husband turned me from my side onto my back so I could sleep more comfortably. Now on my back, my eyes naturally looked to the top of my bedroom wall where there is a window, not that can be opened because it’s too high, but for light. With a sleepy grin and a nod toward the window I murmured, “Hey Mike, there’s the star from the Christmas story.”  After he crawled back in bed, I watched that star through the window. At 2:59 it was at the top of the window a little left from center. At 3:14 it was in the bottom right corner and by 3:15 I could no longer see it through the window.

Hmm… It always seemed a little strange that 3 wisemen actually followed the star, but after following the star through my window last night I now totally see how they could’ve done it. You simply keep walking towards it as it moves. Then when the star didn’t move for more than say, 30 minutes, they must’ve started looking around thinking, “He’s got to be here somewhere.”

Scripture doesn’t say exactly how they found the manger except that the star “stopped over the place where the child was.” (Mt 2) But my guess is it couldn’t have been more than say, a 1/4 mi. diameter, that they walked under the star before finding Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

We all have a star, a way to follow Jesus, but we often disregard it, especially at this busy time of year when we think it’s all about having all things perfect in our homes to celebrate His birth! I want to be wise. I want to follow Jesus. Friends, we too find Jesus when we truly seek Him with our heart. Take time in the next few days to read the account of the wisemen in Matthew 2 and be reminded how our precious salvation indeed began at Christmas. Remember before you read to always ask God to reveal something new to you while reading the passage.  He always does, when we ask!

1 thought on “Early Morning Christmas Star!

  1. Hi Renee,

    I love to sit in my garden late at night, and watch the stars above, as I pray to our God. It amazes me how He knows each one by name Ps 147:4. Thank you for your thoughtful post.
    Happy Christmas.

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