Creating pockets of peace


As I look back over a year that has been rough in the world at large, I am reminded what a huge blessing it is to be given the opportunity to serve people like you.  Each morning I roll into the office knowing that everything we do that day will have Kingdom purpose – whether it be planning a speaking/singing engagement; spending time on the phone with someone facing a frightening challenge; or shipping a music CD or book of encouragement to a new friend in need.  It’s good to know that you too are doing Kingdom work and you don’t have to be working in a ministry office to do so! Each time you walk into a work meeting facing your least favorite coworker and offer a word of encouragement, or help a family member see a more positive perspective on their challenging situation or check up on a lonely elderly friend – well, that too is bringing the peace of Christ into your city. This Thanksgiving I am prayerfully thankful to God for you giving us the opportunities to create pockets of peace in this world. From all of us here at Bondi Ministries, we wish you many blessings this week and in the year to come!