Holy Thursday 2013

One of the things I love to do on special days of the Church year is to look up in Scripture the details of why we are celebrating, or commemorating, that day. So today I spent a wonderful, quiet time in God’s Word looking up the events of the Last Supper in each of the four Gospels. I absolutely LOVE how God always shows me something new even though I have experienced many Holy Thursdays. This year, today, I’m seeing how the washing of the feet is only in John’s Gospel. Matthew, Mark and Luke don’t speak of it at all. Or how “Take and eat; this is my body……This is the blood of my covenant…” is found in Matthew, Mark and Luke’s accounts, but not John’s. And John chose to record so much more of Jesus’ dialogue during the Last Supper than the other gospel writers. There is a ton!

Yet even though I was a bit “academic” spending time comparing Gospels, Our Lord still found a way to warm my heart and touch me personally. It was in John 17. Here Jesus is praying to the Father – yes, His own words – and He is praying for us. You and me! No, it’s not where he’s instructing us on how to pray as in the Lord’s Prayer, but rather He Himself is praying.

Do you sometimes wonder how other people pray? What words do they use? Do they stay on one subject very long? Do they readdress God by saying “Father” or “Lord” in between phrases? I know there’s no right or wrong way to pray, but I admit those questions have crossed my mind over the years. Well, here in chapter 17 of John’s Gospel we get to look right into the heart of Jesus and hear His voice praying to His, and our, Father. He had you and me in mind when He prayed “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am.” (vs.24)

So as you close your Holy Thursday, you might want to turn to this chapter and read how Jesus prayed for us – how he was thinking and desiring eternity for us – the night before He knew He was to be crucified.

2 thoughts on “Holy Thursday 2013

  1. Thanks, Renee, for sharing and blessing me. Your words were through you from Him to me. I just walked over and watched the sun set over Catalina and experienced His Presence and now you reminded me that He is praying for me!!

  2. Good to hear from you, Sandy. Yes, that’s when God blows me away the most is when we are right in front of his magnificence which for me is usually an outstanding sunset over the ocean or snowcapped mountains. I can easily see how big our God is! But then I remember our God, who is capable of such fantastic creation, cares about the details of MY little, ordinary life. That’s why I recorded “When God Ran” written by my producer JP Parenti & Benny Hester. It says that all. You can listen to a clip on the Store page under the Mercies in Disguise CD. Or click on https://www.reneebondi.com/shop/mercies-in-disguise/ Hope it blesses you!

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