Worldly or Holy Spirit wisdom?

bible-study-group-1Three years ago, Mike and I were trying to figure out how to fit bible study into our schedule. On Wednesday mornings I had been going to Community Bible Study but it was becoming increasingly more difficult to arrive on time. Being quadriplegic, I rely heavily on my morning caregiver to help me get out of bed and if she is new to the position, it’s not fair to push her to move fast in order not to be late. An evening study was an idea, but since I don’t drive and don’t have a caregiver in the evening, I would need to rely on my husband to drive me. Mike  works a high stress corporate job and often doesn’t arrive home until around 7:30 which is too late for a 7:00 study start time at most churches. So that was out.

So what were my other options?

Being paralyzed for 28 years I’ve had lots of experience in solving problems and refiguring how to function. I said to Mike, “Then we need to do a study at home. What if we start a couple’s study here at the house and I’ll go online to find good, reputable studies from name theologians and bible scholars.” He said, “That’s it! I haven’t been able to be in a study because of my job so this is perfect. Let’s do it!”

We’re in our third year and loving it. It’s a win-win because we gather couples in our life with whom we never seem to find enough time to visit AND we get to be in God’s Word. It’s been great.

In our current lesson of First Corinthians I’ve been focused on 1:17-24. Have you ever had God show up in your life in such a way that He is excitingly clear? It’s so cool! So you tell your friend who’s a nonbeliever and he/she looks at you with a blank look of, “Huh?’ And you think, “Nevermind. You’re not understanding what just happened.” Sadly, you change the conversation.

First Corinthians 1:17-24 explains the “huh?” well. You see, Greek culture prized worldly wisdom and rhetorical eloquence. For the writer of the letter to Corinthians, the Cross turnsed this worldly wisdom upside down. Paul is saying the source of Christian wisdom is the Holy Spirit. So if you’re talking with a friend who doesn’t place value in knowing God and hasn’t asked Jesus to take over his/her life, explaining what God did in your life today is going to be met with a blank stare. There really is such a thing as “Holy Spirit wisdom” in the heart of each believer, and conversely, it is absent in a nonbeliever.

Join me today in spending time in scripture asking the Spirit to teach ;you God’s ways. If you’re not in a bible study this summer, look for one nearby. Most churches studies are off during the summer months but will resume in September. If that’s the case in your area, then make plans to join in the fall and while you’re waiting, attend a church where the pastor breaks open the Word during the sermon. Before the mass or service begins, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you something as you hear the readings and during the sermon. Because you ask, I guarantee the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to hear something new in His Word!

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Ps.119:105

Lord, lead me to a church where I can learn Your Word. I’m open and ready.