Yet Another Example of God’s Faithfulness…

How I miss seeing your faces! Being a wife and mom, I have stayed close to home to be a part of Daniel’s junior and senior year and today, June 1, he’s graduating from high school! It will be an emotional day, for sure. I can still remember the first few weeks of his life when I confided in my mother-in-law Sandra, “Without the use of my hands and feet, this is so scary. If I can just get him to first grade, then I know my verbal instructions will become more important than my lack of hands.” Six years later, Sandra’s amazing memory nudged her to call me the day before first grade saying, “Well sweetheart, you made it!” How we rejoiced! (Well, I actually bawled my eyes out.)

And today, we celebrate his high school graduation, becoming a wonderful singer, an Eagle Scout and simply, a fine young man. We are so proud of him! AND we are deeply grateful for our Lord’s loving-kindness to us. Mike and I will be sitting in the bleachers sighing, “Wow God, you are soooooo faithful.”

Because Daniel will be off to college in the fall and my mother’s knee surgery/ rehab has been successful, I can now come up for air and make plans for the rest of 2013 and 2014. If your church or organization needs an encourager for your next event, it would be a privilege to partner with you.  I so look forward to seeing your smiling face again. Let’s get together and praise our Lord mightily for HE IS FAITHFUL!

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Example of God’s Faithfulness…

  1. So glad I have found my way back to your site! Congratulations to Daniel on his graduation and his continuing interest in music. I remember being so impressed when he sang at Mass at St. Monica’s in Santa Monica that I thanked him after. Congratulations to you and Mike, also, on your great influence on him.

  2. Good morning Madam

    I was listening to Focus on the Family on the 30th July 2015 and your story was overwhelming, I was crying while driving.

    Thank you so much Renee and to you Mike. Wow what a great MAN. You are more than a Man. I am speechless. I will forever remember the first time I listened to your voice on Focus on the Family. I really wish to see you both one day.

    Osas Collins

    • Thank you Osas and I’m so glad the Lord used our interview to touch your heart. And yes, I agree that Mike is a great MAN. The real deal! We hope our paths cross with you one day as well.

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