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At age 29, Renée Bondi was engaged to be married and had a beautiful singing voice, a thriving career as a music teacher, and a loving family. But then one night a bizarre accident shattered her spine and left her quadriplegic. Her life changed forever. Renée lost not only all use of her hands and legs, but also her singing voice — she could barely speak above a whisper. Unwilling to accept that her life was over, Renée searched her heart and sought the Lord for direction. Although there were many dark days, Renée continued to persevere.

Against all odds and all physicians prognosis, Renée’s voice was miraculously restored with a crystal clear, angelic sound. Renée harnessed her talents to inspire and give hope to others.

An incredibly gifted Christian singer before her accident, Renée has augmented her gifts to include a dynamic speaking ability that grabs her audiences. Whether performing a powerful concert or sharing her profound and victorious story that includes paralysis and a life confined to a wheelchair, those who hear Renée are uplifted and mesmerized by her angelic voice, music and messages. Most importantly, all who hear Renée are encouraged to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A life filled with excitement. A future filled with hope. A tragic accident.
End of story? Hardly… It’s just the beginning.

Renee touched our people’s hearts by her sincere expression of faith and trust. She welcomed us into HER faith world… and drew us in with her heartfelt prayer, music and personal sharing. Renee’s down-to-earth “way of being” speaks volumes about what happens when a person allows Jesus to really walk with him/her in all the circumstances of life. As a real person, with real faith, Renee was an extraordinary Year of Faith speaker who touched the heart of our faith.

Sr. Marie Paul, St. Mel Parish

When Renée addressed our 2010 Christian Women’s Conference, a remarkable “aura” came over our audience as she unfolded her story and gave testimony to God’s direction for her life. The audience went from curious attentiveness, to compassion, to eagerness for more, more, more — to incredible anticipation for the rest of the story — finally a resounding cheer as Renée‘s message came to an extraordinary peak and all stood in spontaneous applause and God-directed praise. What a moment that was!

Sue Rogers, Director Christian Women’s Conference, Lincoln Christian University

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Renée Bondi is a top-selling independent Contemporary Christian Artist selling well over 300,000 CD’s and is being played on radio stations and networks across the country. She is available for radio/TV interviews with stories that will captivate your audiences of all ages.

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