How “Mercies in Disguise” CD came about…

God is sovereign.  God is almighty.  God is intimate.  His mercy penetrates deep into my core.  Always enamored by His creation – ocean, stars, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, twinkling eyes, warm smiles – this CD began as a desire to point the listener to God’s unbelievable architecture.  As the work continued, the word “mercy” kept appearing in various songs.  It stopped me in my tracks every time.  How can Our Lord who created this outrageously beautiful universe care about me so intimately that He would give eternal compassion to this sinner?  It blows my mind. 

I have learned a lot about God’s tenderness during these years of being in a wheelchair.  As you listen to my new music (For clips go to I hope you’ll be enveloped by His mercy.  It’s there, it just may be disguised by something you never imagined. 

P.S. Look for photos on the making of the CD in a blog to come.