The Last Dance But Not The Last Song (Expanded Edition)

EXPANDED EDITION – 8 Added Bonus Chapters with Updated Photos and Renée’s Latest Stories of God’s Faithfulness!

©2023 (Book) Renée’s amazing story will take you on one of the most incredible life journeys you can imagine, and one that will leave a lasting impression. Read the complete story and witness God’s providence. This 285 page book includes 26 color photos that chronicle major events in Renée’s life.

At age 29, Renée’s future was incredibly bright. She was engaged and had a beautiful singing voice, a thriving career as a music teacher, and a loving family. But then one night a bizarre accident left her a quadriplegic.  Renée lost not only all use of her arms and legs, but also her singing voice—she could barely could barely speak above a whisper.  Through even this, Renée remained courageously hopeful and held tight to her faith. Her unbroken spirit and amazing physical progress proved to baffle the medical field and surprise those around her. She miraculously began to sing again and went on to live more fully than she ever dreamed.  Here is the amazing story of how, in the face of tragedy, Renée learned to live daily beyond her fears and came to rediscover God’s presence and peace.


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