Still, I Will Praise

“Found peace and joy” in trusting God through times of insecurity, grief and loss.

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Still, I Will Praise is not a how-to manual but a collection of real-life stories from Renée and others who have found joy in trusting God through times of insecurity, grief, loss and loneliness.

In her typical transparent and heartfelt manner, Renée presents her journey of learning to give thanks to God in every situation. Drawing from biblical characters and personal experiences, Renée depicts the challenges and rewards of living a life surrendered to the Lord.

“For most of us, praising God in difficult times just doesn’t come naturally. We praise God on the mountaintop, not in the valley. But after breaking my neck and becoming paralyzed, I found when I chose to lift my eyes and heart in praise to Christ, I experienced a much deeper peace, a strength I didn’t have before. Praising God changes my focus, then my heart, and ultimately my attitude.”

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