Guide me in 2016!

Have you ever had a moment when something you’ve done over and over in your life suddenly is seen in a brand new light? That happened at church this Sunday while celebrating the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus, the feast of the Epiphany. As I joined with the congregation singing familiar Christmas carol “We Three Kings” I was thinking, “Well yes, we should be singing this today and boy, I’ve sure been singing this carol for a long time! Help me Lord not to go on autopilot and to pay attention to the words I’m singing.” The very moment I finished praying this thought, my lips were singing “guide us to Thy perfect light.”

“Guide us to Thy perfect light.” Yep, that’s it. Lord, will you continue to guide me to You? I love it when an old hymn becomes fresh and new again. The final phrase of the chorus hit me between the eyes! Think about it… In 2015 we certainly saw many dark, ugly acts staged by the human race. While singing, I couldn’t help but think how much we need to be guided and to guide others into Christ’s, indeed, perfect light. After all, light certainly shines brightest in the dark, doesn’t it?

So this year in 2016, join me in taking steps in sharing the light of Christ with those in our circle of influence. Are there family members or neighbors that you think, “Oh they’ll never accept the gospel!” Don’t be so sure. Pray for a Divine appointment in 2016 for you to speak tenderly and lovingly to the hardest of heart. Don’t worry. When I cover it in prayer, it’s never me doing the speaking but rather the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit. Most importantly, I’m asking Jesus to help me truly SHOW His love before speaking it.

Heavenly Father, guide me to Your perfect light, Your Son Jesus. I also want to share Jesus with others, but I don’t know how to speak of You to those with whom I’m closest. Please provide the right moment and give me the words in a way that will be heard.